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About Us

Here at the Edge of the Forest we like to take things slow, while having a whole lot of fun!
On the outskirts of all that activity, are the cute and cuddly forest critters; some creatures that are a little more mystical; and a whole load of sweet and very special dolls. The collections are designed to empower little ones - to be playmates and keepers of secrets; a friend to stand the test of time.
Everything has been handmade to be cuddled and played with, and to inspire imagination.  Because play can sometimes be a bit messy everything has been designed to be machine washable for added peace of mind.
The innocence of childhood has been kept in mind and really shines through in the simplicity of the design with clothing that has been kept appropriate to little ones. The softies are exactly that, super soft and cuddly. They also make great companions for kids with sensory issues, the different textures have been proven to calm and nurture even the littlest of minds.